Main content repository is currently a public repository at

Goal: move repository to location controlled by TLPF

Establish how TLPF wants to:

  • Manage site structure; Manage site content
  • Who manages:
    • Site Development:
    • add images, new sections, new pages; add and edit posts; edit blog, events; edit staff (authors).

Current editing workflow

  • Use existing github repository editing; requires git knowledge
  • Use Netlify site publishing; use CMS-DCap Netlify to edit content with no programming
  • Use local VSCode content editing; use git for site updating; requires git knowledge
  • Any change in git repository triggers Netlify rebuild of published site

Decide on future workflow

  • Use an additional existing Content Management System: Decap CMS
  • Possibly introduce Obsidian environment for content editing
  • restrict editing of Github repository to TLPF developers
  • Need TLPF mangement controls; archiving, security, editorial control