There could have been no better way to wind up September activities and the International day of peace  than joining the Marakwet and Pokot communities in celebrating their hard earned peace. A season which has seen the two communities bury the hatchet to embrace peace and harmonious coexistence

Bumper Harvest

This was climaxed by the official kickoff of the harvesting of over 50 acres of maize fielwhich was jointly cultivated by members of the two rival communities in their quest for tranquility. An event that was characterized by song and dance With the support and facilitation from the office of the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, 32 families drawn from both communities set aside their conflicts, set out armed with pangas and hoes, cleared over 50 acres of bushes and replaced them with maize crop. The animosity notwithstanding, the residents braved suspicion, mistrust and of course the scorching sun just to do the unimaginable. Today, they not only harvest maize for food, but also peaceful nights a departure from the past.


This is a multi-faceted initiative which also saw the county governments of Elgeyo Marakwet and West Pokot involved in provision tractors to till the land.

Kenya seed company   provided the seeds and other farm inputs as Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation and Kerio Valley development Authority coordinated peace watch together with the National Police Service - Administration Police Peace Building Unit to ensure the project is not interfered with.


The office of the Inspector General in conjunction with TLPF, is now gearing towards expanding the project size, and spreading it across the Kerio valley belt

This involves bringing in more partners to support the initiative. Devolution and ASAL PS Micah Powon who also graced the occasion promised a huge support from his ministry to give the project a much needed shot in the arm


Reformed warriors who have now turned into Peace warriors were among the lucky recipients of 22 motorbikes, courtesy of the IG and TLPF. They will be used in Peace crusades and emergency operations.