Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy Early Plans

The Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy is a model school being constructed by Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation with assistance from various donors and well wishers locally and abroad.

The Academy consists of a Primary and Secondary Boarding School, a Dispensary, a sports training centre and a conference facility. The school will have the following objectives:-

  • (a) It will offer Educational opportunities to children displaced and / or orphaned as result of conflict and HIV AIDS in the Pastoral communities of the Greater Horn of Africa Region.This will give them opportunities in life and ensure that they don’t go back to these practices again.
  • (b) It will act as a peace building institution bringing children from various communities to learn together under the same roof in peaceful environment. This will help to demystify conflict and change the mentality of these young people as they grow together to appreciate their diverse backgrounds. The academy will draw children from Pokot, Turkana, Marakwet, Samburu, North Eastern Districts of Kenya (Mandera, wajir, Garrissa, Ijara e.t.c.), Karamoja of Uganda, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • (c) The academy will offer a Peace Education curriculum as part of its overall teaching curriculum. This will help instill the culture of peace in these young people who. would have grown up to be warriors.

The Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy will also give the parents and guardians of these children an opportunity to build trust among them. During Parents days and sports days, the Academy will provide an opportunity to these people to bond and again try to demystify the various myths existing about the various communities.

The Sports training facility will be used to change the grown up warriors who can not join school. It will target those people who are already engaged in these vices. During the various peace races organized by the Foundation every year, the Foundation will identify talents among these warriors that excel. They will then be trained and encouraged to compete in competitive races to earn an income. This will be an economic empowerment to ensure that they don’t go back to cattle rustling. This is out of realization that some people engage in cattle rustling as a means of survival. It also worth noting that as they train in this centre, there will be interaction among various communities and contribute again towards building trust and changing their mentality and attitude.

The Foundation has put in some measures to ensure sustainability. Some of these are:- (a) 30% of the population will come from the local community who will pay fees to contribute towards running the Academy. (b) The Foundation is in talks with the Government to second teachers to the school (c) The Sports Training centre and the Conference facility will be hired out for use by outsiders as an income generating activity. (d) Part of the 23 acre on which the land is situated will be used for farming and keeping of grade cattle to provide food to student population and incase of any surplus could be sold out.

The Dispensary will offer treatment to the students and the local community. Hospitals in this part of the country are rare and where there are any, there are no medicines. This dispensary therefore will assist the less fortunate to access health care.


Over 800 Students 



Over 20 Academic Staff

John Gage
Board Advisor

Built Kibera Town Centre Water Community