New Interview with Tegla Loroupe on KTN, Kenya Television News

A 30-minute interview surveying Tegla’s World Championship career

Tegla Loroupe talks with Mary Kilobi

On June 26, 2021, the Kenyan television network KTN, Kenya Television news, broadcast a long interiew with Tegla Loroupe.

Here it is:

KTN is owned by the Standard Charter Group, who also publish the Standard newspaper. This in-depth interview was conducted by Mary Kilobi with Tegla Loroupe on the program “Wako Wapi” , or “Where Are They?”.

Most of the broadcast is in Swahili. The richness is in the KTN archives of many of Tegla’s world-record-setting performances in Berlin, Rotterdam, London and New York.

At some time in the future, we will translate the Swahili into English, for subtitles.