Blogs are for longer thoughts or observations.

Thursday, February 18. 2021

Lam Joar is building an editorial staff for TLPF, to update our web site with the newest developments of the IAAF/IOC Refugee Olympic Team, now training in Ngong, Kenya.

We will divide the editorial tasks between news and blog entries.

News should be for announcements, new projects, things that happen to the team, the academy, the foundation.

The Blog should be for short articles about what’s going on, or reflections on the past, or longer pieces describing what the training program is for the Iten training session, or a summary of what happened as a result of AirBnB making a video, or an article about what is needed to improve the training track in Ngong.

Or notes about how we are preparing for the next AirBnB video.

Or a listing of what donations we need, and how they would help.

Or a longer piece about a particular athlete, or her family, or what is going on in the refugee camp.

Or floods in South Sudan, or locusts.

So News is like a newspaper article about us, and Blog is like the opinion pages of a newspaper, or a magazine article.

Tegla should have a blog piece every few weeks, describing what went on at a IOC meeting, or what she thought about the documentary on doping in IAAF, or memories of the New York Marathon……

Lam should have a blog piece every week, about what is going on in general in the different projects.

A great article would be about the difference between training with TLPF, and training in the rich countries, with the corruption of drugs and doping.

I just watched Icarus, a stunning documentary about doping. So many of the world marathon champions have been caught….and some have never been caught, possibly including Paula Radcliffe.

Here’s a link to the sports doping documentary, which was one of the causes of Russia being banned from the Olympics: Wikipedia article about Icarus, 2017 Netflix documentary

To watch it, go to this link to the Academy-Award winning video documentary Icarus