Setting up on Netlify as a static site generated web site, or SSG

Enable cloud editing using the Netlify CMS, a form-based editing tool

The first round of building the Netlify site used Wowchemy to create the Github repository, and to link it to Netlify. Then, configuring the Netlify CMS editor, building a config.yml file in the Github site to allow the NetlifyCMS editor to see all the Academic content on the Github site.

But that file was missing.

So I downloaded it from a Wowchemy Github site that displays a sample site. Suddenly, I could see the home page, see the authors, see people. The YML file contains sections that refer to each directory of content inside the content directory inside the Wowchemy structured repository on Github. Without that section, the CMS cannot see the content. I added sections in the config.yml file for blog, for book, etc.

Now to add new images to existing pages.

Separately, I downloaded an Academic site to my computer; installed Hugo, and executed “hugo server”, which created a site, and put it up on a web page at “localhost:49840”. It shows a 2019 page, so I expect its config.yml file to be old.

There are occasional NetlifyCMS access errors. Fix them by looking at the config /_default/config.toml file to be sure the branch is “main”. Then, go to the Netlify dashboard, find the Identity section, and update the Git Gateway token. Git Gateway Error: Please ask your site administrator to reissue the Git Gateway token.