Zurich is the home of many partner organizations

But our support is global

I will describe our long relationship with Zurich-based organizations in a further post.

Blogs are for longer thoughts or observations.

18 Feb 2021 News should be for announcements, new projects, things that happen to the team, the academy, the foundation. The Blog should be for short articles about what's going on, or reflections on the past, or longer pieces describing what the training program is for the Iten training session, or a summary of what happened as a result of AirBnB making a video, or an article about what is needed to improve the training track in Ngong.

Setting up teglapeace.org on Netlify as a static site generated web site, or SSG

What we've done so far, as described in much greater detail in the Book under "Courses" Get domain name from Cheapnames: teglapeace.org 1. Set up Github repository to hold content in johngage/tlpf-1. 2. Generate content in a content framework using the Hugo website generator together with the free, open source Wowchemy Website Builder, either on local machine or on Github. 3. Link Github repository to Netlify to serve as web server. (could use Github Pages or Cloudflare) following the Wowchemy instructions. 4. Link Github repository to local machine, to mirror development environments using Git. 5. Link the Netlify publishing site to the domain name teglapeace.org

Editing blog entries

It’s a new day I’ve just renamed the Github repository But will creating a new repository with the same old name cause trouble? The git files seem to work, so I can edit on my computer, using Atom; then push through Git to Github.